Countdown to summer.


I am literally aching for summer with every fiber of my being. I cannot tell you how desperate I am to go on vacation. I have not gone out of the state or country at all this school year. I cannot bother to show up to work on time, I leave early whenever possible even if it’s “taboo” for me to carry my bags while I escort the students to drop-off. I have mentally checked out for ages now and it’s mostly because I need a vacation. Not time off, not a week where I don’t go to work… a legitimate time away from where I work.

I know I am blessed to have the time off and get paid to do it, but honestly, I get paid peanuts to do a job that requires so much. If I get fired so be it. If I get verbally reprimanded so be it. I need that zen time that starts on June 30th for myself.

I need that warm weather, the goodbyes and a recharge.

I went to the zoo with my family and my boyfriend on the weekend, that small taste of summer was enough. I feel everyone deserves a paid vacation and a lot of us aren’t allowed to have it. I have it and insurance which is lucky, but here’s to holiday where I not only take care of myself but also set a goal of finding a workplace where I am valued and feel fulfilled.

30 days and counting.