What is a dream job anyway?

I have heard about dream jobs a few times these past few weeks. One of them was at this eerie co-op that I applied to become apart of. It was full of vegetarians/vegans who live together in a Hyde Park house, I was informed that “many” people applied to this co-op. ┬áThe week before it was so busy with house dinners with all the applicants, they had to squeeze me in the following week “if I was available”. I accepted because I was hoping that it would be less cult-y than their website made it out to be and secondly, I also wanted to see if it was cultish… would they test my breath for meat particles? Yes, I had some bacon before I went to the dinner…

I attended the dinner where I would meet someone named King but she was running late at work. I was not so much greeted at the door as I was looked at as an annoyance. I was passed off to the house member in the kitchen. They take turns cooking dinner, tonight it was this blond woman’s turn… let’s call her Kelly (I don’t remember her name). Kelly was very chipper and I thought ok, perhaps she would be more sociable than this other guy, Barry (ok I forgot his name too, damn it. I remember specifically telling them that the first time I hear someone’s name, I forget it and they did tell me their names TWICE). She asked about what I do for a living. I talked about the school I work at and my classroom of 6-7 year old rapscallions. She was into her vegetables and cursed the fact they ran out of ginger when I asked her what her current job was.

“Right now, I have my dream job!”

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