I am 1/5 of the way there for this novel. I have to admit some parts are fucking nuts and don’t make sense. I also did a little prologue about how this supernatural universe was created and it’s pretty wonky, weird, I don’t know if it makes sense to fit with the novel since it has next to nothing to do with the main plot… yet? We shall see. It is crazy trippy and totally spits in the faces of origin myths/stories that exist for main religions. Oh well! I did it anyway.

My poor boyfriend is making dinner and isn’t used to hearing me so silent tapping away on my keyboard, seeing indiscernible scrawl in my notebooks and eating this much candy. This is my life right now. This month I have to do this because I’ve been putting it off and letting my procrastination win. I admit that the Cubs win and the Ireland win in the face of adversity is inspiring me. If these underdogs can make it work, so can I.

I have to do it for me. No more writing on message boards where only a few people can see it and where I get caught up on photos and skip entire plot points. I am going to keep writing ridiculous novels and one day get them edited and published. That’s the goal. Still can’t get over how crazy my novel is sounding so far. I have to tell my internal critic to shut up all the damn time!

Thank to NaNoWriMo for kicking me into gear and the Chicago chapter for being there for me this week in my time of need.


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