Am I Still A Writer?

I used to write like all the time and I used to write on these message boards for other people. Occasionally, I think about all my cool ideas I would have and now I don’t write much in regards to fiction and it concerns me immensely. Am I no longer a writer anymore? I journal less and I haven’t kept up with any of my ideas as I intended. But I can’t go back to writing on a message board. Its time had to end, it felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I need inspiration. I follow writers on all types of social media and it all hits me but I haven’t gone to a blank sheet to write out these ideas more thoroughly. What is it that’s stalling me?

Of course, this thought enters my brain when I am looking at psychology programs because I am seriously considering getting my master’s. My therapist prompted me to seek out a career instead of just a job doing whatever. I like working at a school, I like working with kids. I don’t like having a classroom. I do like working in small groups. Talking to kids on an emotional level, sharing stories, and taking a break from the curriculum. Ideally, I wish I could do art therapy with them or something along those lines but being a school psychologist I could ask the schools what they expect of me and see if our missions align.

As my interest was peeked and I asked the associate chair of the program my questions, she mentioned the books she wrote about neuropsychology. I thought about my book plans in the past. These novels in my head, unfinished and unwritten.

NaNoWriMo approaches and I have yet to ever finish a novel. Will I constantly be chasing these novels in my head or can I manage to get one down? If I go to school, I’ll have a lot less down time and I have loads now but I still haven’t done it. I am just scared these ideas will float away into the ether.

Can I even call myself a writer anymore?


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