Cuba, yay or nay?

New year, not really new me. Same me, new destinations–or hopes for destinations.

So I am trying oh so damn hard this year not to spend money on new clothes (this means whenever people offer me their last season/donation/out of season clothes I say yes yes yes) and I tried to eliminate taxi/Lyft/Uber but I already failed a little this week. Damn it, I am trying. It means a lot to me to pay off what I can and also spend money on experiences not on things. That is my goal for this year. New experiences. I upgraded my laptop, my phone, etc. Things that have been needing an update are done.

Now it’s time for everything else.

I was posed with an opportunity to go to Cuba in the summer with some new friends. Thing is it would include cycling which I do know how to do–I just choose not to because I am terrified of riding on a bike around cars and I lack the endurance lately. Also I do not own a bike. And there is this teeny weeny, almost insignificant issue that I’m American with a passport from you know AMERICA. There are a lot of restrictions for Americans to travel to Cuba. Recently, many of these restrictions were lifted but I have to put way more thought into my itinerary. I cannot go to Cuba solely on the basis of tourism. I’ll be fined. Now my friends do not have this problem, one has an English passport and the other an Irish one. No rules for them, no fines. Also they cycle. Shit.

I pondered, maybe they were joking about me going. Nope. Invitation is dead serious and Cuba is quite appealing to me. I speak the language, I love the food, tropical weather does wonders for my hair, I could get to know locals, explore another island… I like all of these things.

The obstacles seem like they’re beckoning to take them on and I’m like… is this me taking on something too stressful for the fuck of it or is this me seeing what my limit is? I still can’t tell you. I did figure out a backup plan though. If I can’t feasibly get my ass to Cuba after all the training, running, biking, finding a proper reason to go to Cuba that contributes to their society–I’ll go to Spain where my former roomie is. Good plan, right?


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