21st Century Dating

Well. Being single has its perks. I have more freedom for certain. I am not second guessing everything. I do miss my former boyfriend. I love him still but I know the reality is that if I don’t venture out of my comfort dating zone that I’ll be paralyzed by post breakup fears for longer than I should.

A couple of years ago when I first had my pixie cut, I felt like a brand new woman. I was edgy and ready to take chances. I signed up for this site called Miss Travel. I was never down for online dating, I thought it was odd for me. For others it worked, to me… I’m a person to be experienced in person. Which is funny seeing as that I am a writer, right? The irony of my life never ceases to amaze. I can write about my life experiences but have me write in hopes of ensnaring someone… I don’t get it. I find it tacky. Some individuals can fucking romance you with a tagline about their lavish life–only a few words and a hot picture then there you are reading all the senseless garble about loving adventure and travel.

It’s all a bit much and with Miss Travel, it was no different except you could find some handsome man or woman to whisk you away on a trip. I thought why the hell not? All your photos have to be approved as does your profile which takes 24 hours. I received a few winks. I sent out tons of messages and then I got bored. I wasn’t hot or slender enough I supposed for these sexy rich people. I wasn’t bummed, I decided to go old school with the regular pickups at the bar or parties or what have you.

With all these apps like Tinder and dating websites, it feels as if all people do is use these mediums for “dating” which seems more like hooking up and getting approval from people. Yet here I am signing up again for Miss Travel… a free trip is a free trip!

As I wait for my approval and read through profiles, I am exhausted. I didn’t even sugarcoat my profile. I said if I feel tired, I will tell you. “I am a feminist–take that as you like it.” I’m not even trying. I at least chose photos where I was made up but even that feels so forced. I don’t usually have a makeup artist doing my face for a photo shoot.

Why is dating these days so dependent on looks, status, and being at least a 7 (beauty) … SERIOUSLY SOMEONE WROTE THAT DOWN IN HIS PROFILE. You had to be a 7 on the beauty scale. As if there is a universal beauty scale? Sigh. Faith in humanity fading away yet again.

In two weeks, I’ll probably delete my profile again and go back to being that weird girl who likes to chat people up in person.


2 thoughts on “21st Century Dating

  1. G. says:

    I used to be so weirded out by online dating/app dating because I preferred meeting someone in person. But then I saw the success my brother had with it. He’s married – and happy! – for goodness sake! I gave it a go and while I did meet people and talk to them and have gone on a few dates, I have since deleted all my profiles. Sure, we can find people easier through a screen, but the words “Quality Over Quantity” come to mind. Most people present their “best selves” on screen and it honestly feels… I wouldn’t say scam because it’s too harsh a word… but it’s really hard to gauge a person via screen. Here’s to in-person dating, from one chica to another, best of luck! xoxo

    P.S. I need your new address! I finally got a box to send things in! 🙂 Love you and miss you to bits and pieces.

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