Why hello again!

I have not written as habitually for this blog as I would have hoped but hey I am not giving up. ^_^

I had a magical time in Orlando and in Davenport where I rented a house along with my family. We had our own private pool and the place was spacious. I spent tons of time in the pool as well as visiting Disney World and Universal Studios. It was a true break from my computer and thoughts of work. I was mega relieved to finally have ten days where all I did was eat and walk around. I rode tons of rides and took pictures with princesses. I also spent time with my niece and nephew.


I wrote a few micro stories in my journal and read two books. One of them is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn which I finished in a few days despite all the walking and exploring. Such a fantastic read, I completely recommend it especially for murder mystery fans. It was a literal page turner for me. I am back home now and keeping up my reading. I still haven’t found my motivation to get the ball rolling. I thought as soon as I returned I’d hit the ground running but it still hasn’t hit me.

I write down steps and ideas but it’s hard to put it all into motion. I still have time left of my summer break but I really do not want to return to my previous work unless I have something else going on too. We shall see.


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