“It could always be worse.”

That always makes me feel better. Except no, no it does not.

Thank you for minimizing my feelings and trying to trivialize the situation. I understand I can overreact, but I am entitled to be pissed. Why do people think you’re not allowed to be angry? Why do they think an “I’m sorry” can fix it all? For the record, being pissed does not make you a bad person!

Yes, I’m angry. And yes it could be worse but guess what I say to that?!

You can be mad if you feel mad. Get angry. Shit happens! And people can say whatever they like but as long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing anything that could endanger yourself, then they can just deal with it. Sod it. You can be pissed, none of this biting back your feelings!

I express my anger by swearing (a lot more than usual) and pacing across the room. I like to reorganize my shelves or clean or go outside or exit the room. As long as people aren’t there, I can cool off in a relatively short amount of time. I’d rather feel out the furious feels rather than beat them down.


2 thoughts on ““It could always be worse.”

  1. AwkwardGirl says:

    Oh man I just saw this now. I totally know what you mean- i recently went through a period where everyone kept saying things like “it could be worse” or ” well at least the sun is shining” or other crap that just hid the fact that something bad was happening and instead of feeling the feelings it just covers them up. I haaaaaated it!!


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