Growing a pair

I have the most horrid time with confrontation. I just sit and stew until I can’t take it anymore. For some situations, I stand my ground and let you know how I feel. Other times, if this is a new situation I will just observe and take not. I will analyze and overanalyze. I will do everything expect approach the situation calmly and stating my side with grace.

I am just a hot mess, period.

This week I was thrust into a confrontational situation and I hated it. I tried to explain how I felt, I am just an emotional person. I ended up feeling so corner and alone, I cried of course. Not because anyone was mean, just because I do not know how to do this calmly!

Does anyone know how handle situations calmly? Basically, I am crying out for help and growing a pair (of ovaries in case you wondered) in order to let people know when they eff with me or my stuff that hey, you did this. And they’ll probably say non-mean things and explain their part. Communication sounds easy but when it really means something, it’s like I am trying to summit the Himalayas.


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